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I. Pre-Migration

Open Google Chrome. Search for NeoLine in Chrome Web Store or go to NeoLine Official Website to get the NeoLine Chrome Extension, and add it to Chrome.

1.Key Points

  • NeoLine and Neotube update and adjust their products based on the latest release of neo3 preview 4.
  • Based on the communication about current progress and future planning in the developer community meeting, we design and formulate the scheme of neo3 DAPI, voting, migration, and coexistence with the neo2 network in the wallet.
  • The operation team focuses on the popularization of Neo3 basic knowledge.

2.Development Progress

  • Repair some interface data disorder and mobile adaptation problems in Neo3 preview 3
  • Adapt to Neo3 preview 4.
  • Optimize the network request and modify the cache strategy.
  • Adapt to Neo3 preview 4.
  • Design and formulate the scheme…

This article is written from the users’ perspective. It involves less technical terms and may be inappropriate in some descriptions. If you find an incorrect description, please leave a message on the official account.

Oracle: Many people who hear it the first time may think it is used to predict the market or maybe something relates to Oracle company and Oracle database. In fact, it has nothing to do with the above relationship.

The word originally comes from ancient Greek religion, meaning “prophets, prophecies”. People did not have enough knowledge and experience to make precise decisions in ancient times, so…

Originally published By Sarah Tranon

As blockchain is still considered a nascent technology, we are currently witnessing the growth of its governance and adoption in the world. Certain countries have boosted the adoption of blockchain technology, including China, as President Xi Jinping has urged the acceleration and development of blockchain.

Other recent notable developments in the country involving blockchain include China’s digital currency electronic payment (DCEP), also known as its digital yuan. The DCEP aims to replace physical cash in the country.

The Blockchain Service Network (BSN) in China has rolled out shortly after the news of the DCEP…

Does forgetting your wallet password means losing your assets? This is a question that many users will have when they are first to meet blockchain and digital wallets.

When creating a wallet, there are two important steps: setting a password and backing up your private key. We’ve mentioned many times in previous articles about backing up your private key.

Today we’re going to talk about wallet passwords.

What is the digital wallet password?

After clicking on 「Create Wallet」, the first thing you need to do is to set a password, which requires no less than 8 characters and can be…

When the phone that installed the wallet is broken or lost, how can I get my assets back?

I think this should be a common question for many people who are new to blockchain or don’t know much about blockchain wallets.

Today we’ll talk about this question.

First of all, let’s look at where your assets are stored.

The blockchain is essentially a distributed ledger, with independently distributed nodes all having an identical copy of the ledger in which all transactions and flows of assets are recorded.

The primary function of a wallet is to randomly generate private keys and…

The <Depth Analysis of Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary Data>estimates that the total number of unrecoverable bitcoins is estimated to be around 2 to 3 million, accounting for 12% ~ 18% of the total bitcoin volume. Maybe you ignore it and think that it will never happen to you, but when the day comes that you lose your coins, you will regret it.

We, as wallet operators, deal with several cases of private key loss almost every week, and none of them are due to external causes, but rather personal ones. …

This article lists some transfer problems via wallet that you encountered when participating in mining with Flamingo. We sort out the common categories and solutions for you.

The text might be boring, but please review it carefully to avoid losing your assets.

***Very important information before we begin:

Do Not Transfer Your nNEO To The Exchange.***

First, you still can not transfer even though you have verified your wallet address.

Users often encounter such a problem: I already copied and pasted the address, why the transfer is not working. This situation is more common in the extension wallet. It does…

NeoLine chrome extension wallet is the only open-source chrome extension wallet for the Neo ecosystem, and it is also a very easy wallet to use.

It is certain that all of you who have been involved in Flamingo now have already experienced the NeoLine chrome extension wallet, but today’s main purpose of this article is to give you an overview of the features and must-dos that are easy to overlook.

How to download the extension wallet?

Search “NeoLine” in the Google Chrome web store, or click “Get the Chrome plugin” through the official website ( )

STEP1:Add plugin to Chrome browser

Search “NeoLine” in Google chrome web store, or click “Get the Chrome plugin” through the official website ( )


NeoLine mobile is an easy-to-use mobile gateway to the Neo smart economy。

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