Monthly Report-December

1.Key Points

  • NeoLine and Neotube update and adjust their products based on the latest release of neo3 preview 4.
  • Based on the communication about current progress and future planning in the developer community meeting, we design and formulate the scheme of neo3 DAPI, voting, migration, and coexistence with the neo2 network in the wallet.
  • The operation team focuses on the popularization of Neo3 basic knowledge.

2.Development Progress

  • Repair some interface data disorder and mobile adaptation problems in Neo3 preview 3
  • Adapt to Neo3 preview 4.
  • Optimize the network request and modify the cache strategy.
  • Adapt to Neo3 preview 4.
  • Design and formulate the scheme of Neo 3 DAPI, voting, migration, and coexistence with Neo 2 network in the wallet.
  • Add Neo3 preview 3 version.
  • Adapt to Neo3 preview 4.
  • Solve the problem of Neo2 repeated message push, which is a small probability event.
  • Neo3 squirrels have been adapted to preview 4.
  • All nodes of neo3 have been upgraded to preview 4.

3.Operation Progress

Popularizing wallet knowledge to more users is still the focus of this month. By popularizing wallet knowledge to users and show common cases of asset loss by the wrong operation, users gain more understanding of basic knowledge about the wallet. Therefore, users can use their wallets in a safe and correct way and we are always reminding users to protect their assets all the time.

In addition to the popularization of wallet knowledge, we also added the introduction of Neo3. It is based on the perspective of ordinary users, so they can understand the upcoming Neo3 in an easy way.

This Christmas, we did a Christmas giveaway activity and sent out the NeoLine & NEO joint gift on Weibo. This activity will be held every month in the future, let’s looking forward to the next gift!


This month’s work focuses on Neo3. Based on Neo3 preview 4 released in December, the team completed the adaptation and iteration of wallet and browser. The team focused on the construction of infrastructure and development tools of Neo3 network to ensure it can provide services simultaneously with the Neo3 network.

NeoLine mobile is an easy-to-use mobile gateway to the Neo smart economy。

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