Some common wallet questions about the transaction

This article lists some transfer problems via wallet that you encountered when participating in mining with Flamingo. We sort out the common categories and solutions for you.

The text might be boring, but please review it carefully to avoid losing your assets.

***Very important information before we begin:

Do Not Transfer Your nNEO To The Exchange.***

First, you still can not transfer even though you have verified your wallet address.

Users often encounter such a problem: I already copied and pasted the address, why the transfer is not working. This situation is more common in the extension wallet. It does not mean that your address is wrong, but you may copy an extra space when copying the address, which will cause the transfer to fail. Therefore, when you copy the address, you must check whether you have copied the space bar.

Second, I want to transfer the GAS from my wallet, but the balance is insufficient (You can’t click to confirm).

Common situation: When transferring GAS, you have ordered all amounts of money, but the confirmation button does not work. In this case, you need to check whether the priority fee has been added to the transfer fee column. If so, when you choose to transfer all GAS, the transfer amount will exceed the total amount of GAS in your wallet, and then cause the confirmation button does not work.

Third, the transaction failed when transferring NEO.

The probability of this situation is that you chose a decimal place for the number of NEO, but the smallest unit of NEO is 1, so the transfer must be in the form of an integer when transferring.

Fourth, fill in the wrong address when transferring.

If you transfer to the wrong address, then when the transfer is complete, the assets have been to the wrong address, the wallet can not help you withdraw the transaction. Therefore, when transferring, you must double-check the correct address, do not let the assets fall into the “wrong person” pocket.

Another way to avoid transferring to the wrong address is to transfer money by scanning the QR code of the receipt to reduce the errors. In addition, the address book will be added to the later version of NeoLine, which will help to avoid wrong addresses.

Fifth, the withdrawal to the wallet has not arrived for a long time.

From the exchange to the wallet, the coin withdrawal will usually go through two steps: exchange platform audit and block network transfer.

Exchange platform audit: After you initiate the coin withdrawal request, it will show whether the request is confirmed or not on the coin withdrawal page. If the confirmation is completed, the coin will be transferred to the address where the coin is to be withdrawn through the corresponding block network. This process is usually soon, but sometimes too much transaction volume may cause network congestion, and then lead to delay. However, the Neo network is currently less likely to be congested, so it won’t take very long.

If the trading platform shows a long time in confirmation, you can ask the platform about the progress. If the platform confirms but the coin still hasn’t arrived in the wallet, you can check the progress through the blockchain browser (

Sixth, the coins have not arrived at the exchange for a long time.

This is just the reverse of the above process, the on-chain transfer will usually arrive soon, and then the trading platform will audit and confirm the coin charge to the account. The specific progress of the transaction can be viewed through the blockchain browser (

Seventh, you transferred ONT assets to the NeoLine wallet.

At present, NeoLine wallet only supports Neo public chain, if you have transferred ONT assets to NeoLine wallet, you can try to import the private key of NeoLine wallet into the wallet that supports ONT to retrieve the assets.

Eighth, the transfer has not been received for a long time.

There are many cases where transfers have not been received for a long time. If you have excluded the above categories, you can check your network condition. it’s easy to switch off the network by mistake or the network is not stable at the time when we switch to a different network, so we don’t receive the transfer for a long time.

This is especially true since most users nowadays use hot wallets, such as NeoLine, which is a wallet that is stored on the Internet, so transactions can’t be done without the Internet.

If the transfer address is correct and the other party shows that the transfer is successful, it’s a good idea to check if your network is stable, refresh your wallet, and check your blockchain browser for transaction congestion.

Important Tips:

Currently, NeoLine mobile transfers have notifications, which means when you transfer or receive an asset, you will be notified with a message when it arrives, so you can avoid going to the blockchain browser all the time to check it, or forgetting about it at the time and checking it later, etc.

That’s why we always suggest that when you use the extension wallet, you also need to download the mobile app and import it with a private key. In this way, you can not only avoid wallet operation errors which lead to loss of the private key but also receive a real-time reminder to view the transaction progress.

NeoLine’s mobile version can be downloaded from the NeoLine official website(

In general:

The decentralized nature of the blockchain product makes a lot different from the centralized product when providing services. This difference will often strengthen the misunderstanding of the product, and even complaining product staff did not do their responsibilities.

Therefore, I hope that when using blockchain products and experiencing decentralized services, we can also increase basic knowledge to avoid some accidents.

That’s all for today’s sharing, if you have any other questions, please feel free to add the following customer service WeChat and join the wallet discussion community.

NeoLine Encrypted Wallet is a decentralized digital wallet that supports NEO / GAS / NEP5 asset management, developed by the NEXT team of Neo’s domestic technology community, and currently supports the Chrome extension and mobile.

NeoLine mobile is an easy-to-use mobile gateway to the Neo smart economy。